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Why are frozen vegetables increasingly popular with everyone?

Why are frozen vegetables increasingly popular with everyone?


Quick-frozen vegetables are small packaged foods that are processed by fresh vegetables, fast frozen, packaged, and refrigerated. Because of the convenience of eating, clean and hygienic, good fresh-keeping performance, and the availability of four seasons, quick-frozen vegetables are very popular in foreign markets. Then, it has the same advantages as other frozen convenience foods, which are manifested in the following aspects...

  1, can be stored for a long time

  Since the rapid freezing of vegetables is carried out at a low temperature of -18 degrees. The formation of uniform and fine ice crystals inside the tissue does not destroy the cell crystallization of vegetables, effectively limits the chemical reaction of the organism and inhibits the growth of microorganisms, thereby achieving the purpose of long-term storage and preservation, and is a natural food that does not require any additives.

  2, to maintain color, fragrance, taste

  Rapid freezing is beneficial to the formation of small and evenly distributed ice crystals in vegetable cell tissues, so that the cell tissue is not damaged, and the change of frozen products is maximized reversible, so as to maintain the original color, flavor and flavor of fresh vegetables. nutrient content. After thawing, the nutrient loss is small, and the shape can be maintained after cooking, the taste is good, and there is no frozen vegetable taste, and the original color, fragrance and taste of the vegetables are restored.

  3, convenient packaging and transportation

  Since the quick-frozen vegetables are loose in size, it is very convenient to weigh the package. In the case of outer packaging, it is very convenient to refrigerate and transport.

  4, pay attention to hygiene, easy to eat

  Quick-frozen vegetables are very strict in food safety, and the quick-frozen vegetables from the factory have quality inspection reports, and there are no pesticide residues. The vegetable raw materials are all from the bases that have been inspected and filed by the commodity inspection. The bases must be strictly examined and the soil should be tested regularly.

  In addition, frozen vegetables are very clean and hygienic because the frozen vegetables have been cleaned, washed and blanched before freezing processing, and the sanitary conditions of these processing processes are very strict. When you eat it, you can use it without cooking. It is very convenient to save time.

  5. The catering industry reduces raw material costs

  Quick-frozen vegetables are semi-finished products that have been cut into sections. The specifications are relatively uniform and can be customized according to customer needs; many small workers can be saved for catering enterprises, and their labor costs will be reduced invisibly. In addition, quick-frozen vegetables are much more efficient than fresh vegetables, basically achieving 100% utilization. Take broccoli as an example. If the restaurant purchases fresh broccoli, it also needs to pick and remove roots and leaves. The actual utilization rate is only 35%. And each bag of frozen broccoli, the corners and corners have been removed in the early stage, can be used 100%. Taken together, the cost of quick-frozen vegetables is lower than the cost of fresh vegetables.

It integrates planting, processing and sales, and is mainly engaged in the processing and export of high-quality quick-frozen fruit and vegetable products.


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