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Advantages of quick-frozen vegetables

Advantages of quick-frozen vegetables


Many people have misunderstandings about frozen vegetables, and think that the frozen vegetables are lost in nutrients. In fact, frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh vegetables, and even have higher nutritional value. This is because the raw material requirements of quick-frozen vegetables are relatively high, and they must be of good quality, suitable maturity, uniform size, no pests and diseases, no pollution, and require no water immersion, no bundling, no overlapping and pressure, and timely transportation after harvesting. The quick freezing is received, and the control of the variety is within 4 to 10 hours, thus ensuring the freshness of the raw materials. The frozen vegetables have been controlled in a low temperature environment below -18 °C, and various biochemical reactions inside them are also suppressed. The nutrition in vegetables will not be lost in quick freezing transportation.

  The difference between quick-frozen vegetables and slow-frozen vegetables

  When frozen vegetables are frozen, the water can quickly pass through the maximum crystallization zone at zero degrees Celsius to -5 degrees due to the short dehydration time of the vegetables. The intracellular and cell gaps simultaneously form fine ice crystals without damaging the cell walls. After thawing, the vegetables have good reducibility and basically retain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrients. After quick freezing of vegetables, the juice contains a large amount of water (generally 65% ​​to 97%), and also contains soluble nutrients such as inorganic salts, organic acids, sugars, and bone glue.

  When the vegetables are slowly frozen, the cell liquid is dehydrated, and the water forms large ice crystals, which seriously destroys the cell wall. After thawing, the juice and nutrients are largely lost, the meat is spongy, the brittleness is weakened, and the amount and quality are greatly reduced. Loss.


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